What is Towing & Roadside Assistance Coverage?

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What is Towing and Roadside Assistance Coverage on Your Auto Insurance Policy?

Roadside assistance coverage can help you should your vehicle become stranded or stuck and you need a tow or any other type of roadside assistance.

What Does Roadside Assistance Coverage Cover?

Roadside assistance can help cover things like towing your disabled vehicle, winching services, jumpstarting a dead battery, changing a flat tire and fuel delivery.

Now each policy an each company is different. So make sure you check your specific policy for the list of things that are covered in roadside assistance.

What Does Roadside Assistance Not Cover?

Again, each insurance company is different with the things they do and don’t cover. Some companies have mileage limits as to how far they will tow you.

Some companies won’t come out and give you gas, some companies won’t go out and change your tire. So it’s all entirely dependent on that specific insurance company that you purchase roadside assistance through. The most important thing here is to make sure you know exactly what you’re covered for before your stranded on the side of the road and trying to call your insurance company.

Do You Need Roadside Assistance Coverage on Your Auto Insurance Policy?

Every vehicle, even the newest and nicest ones have the possibility of becoming stranded on the side of the road. However, check your warranty for your new car if you do have a new car because many of the warranties automatically include roadside assistance, making it useless and a waste of money to purchase that coverage on your auto insurance policy.

Another option that has more extensive coverage than most every insurance company is triple a. If you already have triple a, there is no need to purchase roadside assistance coverage on your auto insurance policy. But if you’re single, don’t have a lot of friends and family in the area you live and being stranded on the road sounds like a nightmare, make sure you either check your warranty, buy it from triple a.

Or add this coverage onto your auto insurance policy.

How Much Roadside Assistance Coverage Do You Need?

Again, this product is very unique to each individual insurance company. Most carriers either have an option to purchase it or not purchase it, but some carriers do have certain levels, good, better, best and each one is going to include more options and better coverage.

So check with your insurance company wherever you have your auto insurance and see the different levels and see the different options and then you can make your decision accordingly.

How much does roadside assistance cost?

This is one coverage that doesn’t necessarily rely on all those different factors like age, vehicle, age of drivers driving record.

Normally it’s only going to cost you a set amount of a dollar to $2 a month to add roadside assistance to your auto insurance policy. It is very inexpensive for peace of mind that if you’re ever stranded on the side of the road, you will be taken care of. Like all things that we talk about in these videos it’s best to talk with an independent insurance agent, asked them about this coverage and see how much it would cost to add this to your auto insurance policy.

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