Car Insurance To Travel To Mexico

If you're driving your vehicle to Mexico then you need Mexican insurance. Mexico insurance is an additional (temporary) policy that you buy separately from your normal car insurance policy. The good news is that buying Mexico car insurance to travel into Mexico is easy to get and fairly inexpensive.

Do I Need Mexico Car Insurance?

Your normal car insurance policy does not cover you in Mexico. There may be some insurance companies that give you coverage 10 to 50 miles into Mexico, but even that coverage will not be as comprehensive as if you were to buy the correct Mexican insurance policy.

The Mexican government does not recognize car insurance policies from other countries. So even if you have a "rider" or endorsement on your auto insurance policy, if something happens to your car while in Mexico, you'll be in a world of hurt trying to get the Mexican government to accept your United States car insurance policy.

Mexico has different laws than the US which means you need a Mexican insurance policy that is written to address those laws. The best car insurance policy in the United States will be worthless to you in Mexico.

Where can I buy Mexican Car Insurance?

You can buy Mexican car insurance online here. It takes less than 5 minutes to enter your information, see your options, select your coverage and purchase your policy.

There are also places to stop on your way to Mexico. As you get closer to the border you'll start seeing signs and shops that sell Mexican car insurance. You can stop at any of these places and purchase a policy before you cross the border.

Information needed to purchase Mexican car insurance:

  • Dates you're entering and leaving Mexico
  • Where you're traveling in Mexico
  • Vehicle Information
  • All Drivers Information (names, dates of birth, DL#'s)
  • Coverage you want/need
  • Lienholder Information
  • Reason you're visiting Mexico
  • Current car insurance information


Tips for driving in Mexico

Driving in Mexico can be a very stressful thing for many people. This is because it's a different country, laws are different, highways are different, etc. Below is a list of tips to make sure you have a safe and stress-free trip as you drive into Mexico.

  • Be aware of what's going on around you
  • Stick to the main roads, roads that all tourists use
  • Travel during the day
  • Keep insurance documents handy
  • Check out STEP -
  • Have all forms of ID (driver's license, passport, etc)


What to do if you're in an accident in Mexico

  • Check to see if anyone is injured
  • Call 911 (yes it's the same # is Mexico)
  • Call your insurance company (claim number is on insurance documents)
  • The claims adjuster will walk you through the next steps
  • Don't move your vehicle until the policy and/or claims adjuster come and tell you it's okay to do so.
  • Do not sign and agree to anything (paying out of pocket for damages on the spot) unless you completely understand what is going on or until you talk with your claims adjuster for further guidance.


Important: You must file a claim while in Mexico, even if the damage is minimal. If you wait until you're back in the United States to file a claim the insurance company will most likely deny the claim.

Your normal car insurance does NOT cover you in Mexico. Even if you US insurance policy has a rider to cover you a certain amount of miles into Mexico that is still not sufficient. Mexican laws are different and therefor require certain coverage and legalities that a US auto insurance policy does not have. In order to be properly covered, you need to purchase a Mexican Auto Insurance Policy.

To actually drive into Mexico, you don’t need much. You can generally drive right through the border without even stopping. However, you want to make sure you have your Mexican auto insurance documents, your ID (drivers license and passport) and a good (paper) map.
To cross back into the United States you will need to show ID and proof that you are a United States citizen.

It’s very simple and fast to buy Mexican car insurance. You can buy it online here, it only takes 5 minutes. If you don’t want to purchase a policy online you can wait until you’re within a few miles of the border. You’ll see plenty of shops and stores where you can purchase in person.

Mexican car insurance is a temporary insurance policy you purchase for your vehicle when you travel into Mexico. This policy is separate from your normal car insurance policy that you purchased in the United States. You need Mexico car insurance because your normal US policy does not cover you for accidents/claims that occur in Mexico (or any other country)

If you don’t have car insurance in Mexico then you are putting yourself at great risk! If your vehicle is damaged you’ll have to pay out of pocket for damages. If you damage others property, you’ll have to pay out of pocket, or worse, get thrown in jail. If you cause medical injuries to others and you don’t have insurance then you will be thrown in jail and held there until you have the financial means to pay for the damage you’ve caused. You don’t want to be caught in Mexico without car insurance!

Yes, you do. Even the best auto insurance policy in the United States will do you no good in Mexico. Even if your US auto insurance policy extends coverage 20 miles into the United States, you still don't have the appropriate coverage. Mexico has different laws and doesn't recognize policies outside of Mexico. Cover yourself and get Mexico car insurance.