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What exactly is a Bond?

A bond, in simple terms, is a way to secure a debt. It’s a financial instrument where you, the consumer, provide a small upfront cost to guarantee the repayment of the bond’s face value if needed. In the real world, bonds can be issued by governments, municipalities, corporations, federal agencies, and other entities.

Types of Bonds

Surety Bond

A surety bond is a contract between three parties: the person who is the recipient of an obligation, the primary party who will perform the contractual obligation, and the person who assures the obligation will be done.

Lost title Bond

These bonds, a type of surety bond, provide proof and guarantee of ownership to the Department of Motor Vehicles. When no other documentation is available, a Lost Title Bond shows the DMV that you are the rightful owner of the vehicle.

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Contract Surety Bond

Common in the construction industry, contractor bonds guarantee to a project’s owner that the general contractor will adhere to the contract.

License and Permit Bonds

These bonds guarantee to a government entity that a company will comply with specific statutes, state laws, ordinances, etc. Examples include:

  • Contractors License Bonds
  • Tax Bonds
  • Environmental Bonds
  • Broker’s Bonds
  • Motor Vehicle Dealer Bonds
  • ERISA Bonds

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