Heritage Insurance Playbook

We Make Insurance Simple

We compassionately educate our clients. Our main goal is to protect and compete for our clients. We consistently make coverage suggestions whenever we can so our clients have a clear picture of how to protect themselves.

The playbook and topics below will help us accomplish that goal.

Coverage Guides

A list of each coverage with an explanation of what it is, what it covers, and an example scenario. 


We consistently provide a uniform experience to all our clients. Use the script...every time. 

Processes & Resources

A list of all our processes. Know the process and follow it every time. 

Carrier Resources

Contacts, underwriting guidelines, and other resources for each carrier. 


EZLynx, Agency Zoom, or any other technology we use. Find guides here. 

Core Values

Who are we? What are our goals? What do we expect from every team member?

Our Core Values

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We want an organization where individuals know where we're going and what they need to do to help us get there. 

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We want an organization with individuals that consistently strive to be better every day and that work with a sense of urgency. 

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We want an organization with individuals who genuinely care about the business, team members and clients we serve. We value the importance of being deeply aware of others feelings and needs. 

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We want an organization with individuals that strive to compete EVERY day. We value creating an exceptional experience in all our interactions.