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You'll receive an email in the next 24 hours. This is to e-sign your new application.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Please review application for accuracy.  
  • Let us know if something is not correct and needs to be changed (you can do this by replying to the email).  
  • Sign the application within 2 days

Here's what you need to know:

  • The email requesting the e-signature will come from notifications@assuresign.com (check your spam)
  • The subject will say "Please review and sign this envelope:" (check your spam)
  • Here's a video that walks you through the signing process : Click here for video

Download Your App


Download your insurance app TODAY!

  •        This is how you’ll communicate with us.
  •        This is how you can get what you need ASAP.

What you can do with your insurance app:

  • Access all policy documents, including ID cards.
  • Request policy changes
  • Ask for new quotes
  • Pay your bill
  • Submit a claim

 Download your app TODAY here 

How to Make Changes


You want your questions and requests handled quickly and easily (so do we!).

Here's how you can submit a change through your insurance app:

  • Log in to app
  • Click on the "Heritage" logo card
  • Click in blue box where it says "Request Service"
  • Input change information.
  • Hit submit

Simple as that. We'll take over from there and let you know when it's complete!

*In case your a visual person, here's a video that walks you through the process. 

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We help you Build Your Better Future through education. 

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This is also an other way we communicate with our clients. 

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