Insurance Scam? What’s Wrong With Online Insurance Companies?

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Hey, you, give me all your money. Don’t worry, I’m gonna give you something really good after you give me your money. I just can’t tell you what it is until you give me all your money. So give me your money.

Come on! Does this sound crazy to you? Does this happen in any industry?

Have you bought a house before you looked at the contract?

Have you financed a car without knowing the terms and conditions?

Have you gone into business with someone before having a contract?

That all sounds crazy right? But that’s exactly what’s happening in the insurance world.

Especially with these online insurance companies. They are asking you to pay them money before you can even look at the contract or know what the policy contract actually says. That’s crazy! Insurance companies have a problem. They think the only thing you care about is price. They don’t understand that most of us actually care about having good coverage and how that coverage can help us when we actually need to use it.

Insurance Claims Are The #1 Complaint

Surveys show by far that the number one complaint against all insurance companies is the handling of their insurance claim. In other words, they are upset that what they thought was going to be covered is not actually covered. And I wonder, just a thought, if that has anything to do with not being able to see the actual policy before we hand over money and buy the policy.

These online insurance companies are awesome. They’re great at getting you a fast and cheap insurance policy, but that’s not really what smart people are looking for. Smart people are looking for an insurance policy that actually covers them when they need to use it. And online insurance companies just don’t understand that.

Can You Get A Copy Of The Policy BEFORE You Buy An Insurance Policy?

I wanted to put this to the test, so I went online and tried to get a copy of the policy before I actually purchased the policy. The results were sad, but they also made me laugh just a little bit. You can see here how I asked them multiple times and got denied multiple times.

The response over and over again was you have to buy the policy first before we can send you the policy. But the worst part about it are the agents that I chatted with. They really didn’t even understand what I was asking for. They thought all I needed was the one page quote summary.

Not the actual policy contract. Kind of scary to be buying an insurance policy from someone that doesn’t even know all of the insurance documents and contracts, let alone never read them. Would you feel comfortable buying a product from a sales person that had no idea what that product actually does. Seems crazy right?

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The purpose of this video is not to suggest that you should go and read your whole auto insurance or home insurance policy contract. It’s very long and it can be very confusing. The purpose of this video is to suggest that maybe you should be aware of who you’re buying your insurance from. Is it someone that has no idea what a policy contract even is?

Or is it someone that knows what it is and someone that has read it and understands it and can let you know if the policy contract fits your specific needs. So buy insurance from someone that has read and understands the actual policy that they’re selling. Buy insurance from someone that can give you a copy of the policy before you hand over your hard earned money.

Buy insurance from someone that can actually talk to you and explain the policy and how it’s going to specifically cover you. Don’t fall into this insanity of buying the cheapest, fastest policy, having no idea what it’s actually going to cover you for. It sounds great on the surface, but really when it comes down to it and you need to use it, you will be happy that you bought a policy from someone that crafted a policy specifically for you.

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