Does Car Insurance Cover You For Food Delivery?

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Does your personal auto insurance policy cover you for food delivery?

Does Uber Eats provide insurance?

Can I do Uber Eats without insurance?

Watch the video below and read the story below for your answer to all of these questions!

Let me tell you a story – We had a client who had a car insured with us. They actually came from Progressive. Progressive wrote their policy and sent that policy to us, for us to be the broker and to take care of that client. The problem was this young kid, he was 21, was driving for Uber Eats. He did not tell Progressive that he was driving for Uber Eats. We’re not sure if Progressive even asked him if he was using his vehicle for food delivery. Either way, Progressive had no idea.

So this young kid is driving around every day delivering food for Uber Eats. He had a brand new 2020 Ford Mustang, he had an awesome car he loved! It cost him a lot of money. As far as he knew, his car was covered.

Well one night while he was delivering food for Uber Eats, guess what happened?

He was in an accident and his vehicle was totaled, completely wrecked, could not be fixed, could not be repaired. It was a complete total disaster.

He calls Progressive, he tries to file the claim. Progressive finds out that he was driving for Uber Eats when the accident occurred.

Does Your Car Insurance Policy Cover You For Food or Pizza Delivery?

Did he have coverage? No, unfortunately for this kid, this 21 year old, who had no idea he was doing anything wrong, did not have coverage.

So he still had a loan on his brand new 2020 Mustang, but he had no 2020 Mustang, this was a horrible disaster and I felt so bad for this young 21 year old.

That’s why we want to educate everybody so that you know about all the risks you’re taking and about what you need to do before you have an accident.

So let’s talk about doing food delivery in your vehicle and the coverage you have on your personal auto insurance policy. We’re talking things like pizza delivery, Uber Eats, GrubHub, Postmates. All of those things are not normally covered and are not automatically covered under a normal car insurance policy.

If you have not told your insurance company that you are doing these things and an accident occurs, you are not going to have coverage.

But here’s the good thing – You can easily remedy this situation. You can solve this problem by simply calling your insurance agent today and saying, “hey I am driving for Grubhub or Uber Eats, I need to make sure that I’m protected”.

And at this point about 75% of the car insurance companies out there have a simple endorsement that you can add onto your personal auto insurance policy and like magic, you now have coverage.

So this young 21 year old, if he would have just called Progressive and told them he was driving for Uber Eats, they would have added on this endorsement and he would have had coverage.

It usually costs anywhere from an additional $20 to $30 a month to add this endorsement for food delivery.

He would still have his 2020 Mustang or he would have a check to go out and replace his 2020 Mustang.

How To Bypass Uber Eats Insurance

Instead of trying to figure out how you can bypass Uber eats insurance, just do the right thing and protect yourself. No one wants to be in a situation like the story above, where they don’t have the proper coverage for food delivery car insurance.

So bottom line don’t assume you have this coverage. Don’t assume you’re covered for food delivery or any type of delivery for that matter.

Call your agent, have the endorsement added on, and then you can have peace of mind knowing that as you do your food delivery, you are going to have coverage.

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