Do I Need To Insurance My Trailer On My Car Insurance?

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Do I Need To Insure My Trailer In Arizona?

You have a trailer. Do you need to add that to your car insurance policy? It’s a common question. Lots of people ask it. There’s lots of different types of trailers, a fifth wheel trailer, a pop up trailer, a utility trailer, a horse trailer, so many trailers. Which ones need to be added to your insurance? Which ones don’t? With most policies in Arizona, but check with your policy, check with your agent, you do not need to add and you can’t add liability insurance to your trailer. One of the exceptions is if the trailer is motorized, you absolutely need to add liability insurance to the trailer. For the most part in Arizona, whatever liability coverage the vehicle has that’s towing the trailer will transfer and follow to the trailer itself, but if you have the option to add liability to your trailer policy, absolutely do it.

It’s extremely inexpensive and the more liability coverage you have is always better, so if you’re able to add it, add it. Here’s two coverages that you can always purchase on a trailer and that you should always purchase on a trailer, physical damage coverage or comprehensive and collision. This gives coverage for anything that happens physically to the trailer itself, if it’s stolen, damaged, vandalized, whatever, that’s the coverage that takes care of those issues. As always, the most important thing to do, call your agent, talk with them, make sure you’re sufficiently covered. Every policy is different, so you need to speak with your agent to figure out what coverage you have and what coverage you need.

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