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We’re going to give you a list of the top three insurance agencies in Arizona. Notice when we go down this list of the top three, we will not include any captive insurance agencies. Those are ones that can only sell for one specific company, like an Allstate, a State Farm, or a Farmers. And the reason for that is because when you’re a broker and not a captive agent, you have so many more options to be able to better serve your clients and find them the product that is right for them and that fits them for their specific insurance needs. So that’s something that’s very important to look for when you’re searching for the best insurance agent in Arizona.

So if you’re ready for the list, let’s go.

Stewardship Financial

The first insurance agency or insurance brokerage on our list is Stewardship Financial. Now, Stewardship Financial is awesome. Their office is actually very close to ours. I know the owner. He is awesome. His name is Grant Botma. I want to be like Grant when I grow up.

Let me tell you why they are on our list of the top three insurance brokers in Arizona.

Google Reviews

Almost 300 Google reviews, that speaks for itself and they’re not one star Google reviews. They are almost all five star reviews. So that tells you right there they’re very popular and their clients are very happy with them.


And Stewardship is truly your one-stop shop for all things financial related. Not only do they do insurance, but they do mortgages, they do financial planning, they do wealth planning. They do everything in regards to your finances. And I know that coming up this year in 2022, they’re adding on even more financial products to their offerings.

Loving People Through Finance

Grant, the owner’s whole philosophy is loving people through finances. You are not a number to them when you walk into their office or call their office or text their office. You are not a number to them. Their main concern is to show their love for you by genuinely helping you and getting you into the right products rather than just viewing you as a dollar sign. And I know Grant personally, and I know this is true. It’s just not a marketing ploy, but they truly do care about you as a client.

Educational Content

Something else they do that is fantastic is they put out tons of educational content. If you look at their YouTube channel and Instagram, almost daily they are coming out with new content that is not salesy, pitchy content, but content that is there to help guide you and help you make the proper financial decisions. So even if you don’t do business with them, you can still look at all their educational content and you can learn a lot of things in regards to your finances and insurance.

Also, if you go and check out their website or follow anything they do on social media, you’ll realize that they care a great deal about the community, which makes sense. Their whole philosophy is loving people through finance, so of course they’re going to be involved in the community. There’s multiple charities that they donate their time and money to, to make an impact in the community, again, because they don’t see their clients in the community as dollar signs. Instead, they see them as people to serve. Stewardship Financial is also on the Inc 5000 fastest growing companies in America. In fact, I think they’re like 105 on that list of the fastest growing company in America. So obviously they’re doing something correctly and if you’re looking to make an insurance change in 2022, you should probably check out Stewardship Financial.

Insurance Professionals of Arizona

The second insurance brokerage on our list of the top three best insurance agencies and brokerages in Arizona is Insurance Professionals of Arizona.

Google Reviews

Go and check out their Google reviews. They have over 600 or close to 600 five star Google reviews. Again, that speaks for itself. If you can get 600 people to take the time out of their day to go to Google and tell the world how much they love you, that means you’re probably doing something right. And also, if you go and check out their website, which again is linked down below, it’s an awesome website, a very comprehensive website.

Customer Portal

We noticed that they have things like a customer portal so you can log in and request changes on your policy, you can request ID cards, you can find out information about your policy right there on their website, instead of having to pick up their phone. It’s 2022. You don’t always want to have to pick up the phone. And they also have tons of great educational content right on their website as well. So again, just like Stewardship, if you are even a client of theirs, you can go to their website and check out all the great educational content and learn a lot about the insurance, the type of insurance that you need to be correctly covered.

I also noticed that for several years now, they’ve been listed in the East Valley Tribune as the best insurance agency in East Mesa. They’re all about speed and quality and efficiency. So if you’re tired of the old school approach to insurance, always having to pick up the phone and call someone or always having to go into the office to get any help, you should probably check out Insurance Professionals of Arizona and I think you’ll be happy with the forward thinking that they’re doing when it comes to insurance. So go check them out.

Insurance Brokers of Arizona

And the third and last on our list of the top three insurance brokers of Arizona is, and this is kind of fitting with their name, Insurance Brokers of Arizona.

Google Reviews

Now, this is the most impressive. We talked about Stewardship with 300 Google reviews, Insurance Professionals of Arizona with 600. Insurance Brokers of Arizona, they have over 1400 Google reviews. That’s insane. That’s what I want to be like when I grow up. I want my agency to have 1400 five star Google reviews, and it’s not by accident that they have these reviews.

I know the owner personally, and I know the attention that he pays to detail. I know his mindset and how he’s obsessed with creating a fantastic customer journey and also having the best experts on his team to be able to advise you in the best way possible when it comes to all things insurance related. I know he passes that knowledge and that mindset down to everybody on his team. So when you pick up the phone and call them, you’re going to get the best experience possible. You’re going to get highly qualified and trained insurance professionals that will be able to help you no matter the type of insurance you’re looking for. If it’s personal for your normal auto or home, or if it’s business, they have the experts. They can help you and guide you through the process.


If you check out their website, which is listed below, you’ll notice that they also have a client portal on their website. What does that mean? That means, again, you can log in and see all of your insurance information. You can request information, you can request to make changes, you can request to add drivers. You can do everything right there from their website. Instead of again, the old school, old fashioned way of having to pick up the phone or walk into the agency, you can do it all from your cell phone, again, because they are obsessed with an awesome client experience and making your life easier when it comes to insurance.

And if you follow them on social media or go to the website, you will see that pretty much any award given to any business in Gilbert, they have won year after year after year for having not only one of the best insurance agencies in Gilbert in the East Valley, but one of the best businesses in the East Valley. So they are an agency that it’s definitely worth your time in checking out. If you’re looking for new insurance or to make a change to your insurance in 2022, you probably want to check out Insurance Brokers of Arizona.

All right, guys, so those are the top three insurance agencies in Arizona. It’s important to realize as you’re looking for a new insurance company in the year 2022, that not all insurance agencies are created equal. You’ll find agencies that just opened up, agencies that don’t have a lot of knowledge, agencies that just look at their clients as dollar signs, and then you’ll find agencies like the three that I listed in this video that are different than the rest, agencies that truly care about you as the client, agencies that are truly knowledgeable and understand insurance and agencies that can make sure you as their client are in the best insurance policy for you and your specific needs.

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