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Policy Renewal FAQ's

Things can change drastically from year to year. Changes to your daily life can change your insurance policy and the coverage you need. Talking with a licensed insurance professional for a quick 10 minute phone call will insure that your insurance policies are up to date and that you have the coverage you need. 

Without the review, you could be going without important coverage. Coverage you'll wish you had should you be in an accident or need to file a claim. 

Our insurance policy reviews take around 5 to 10 minutes. We understand you're busy and wont waste your time. 

No, this will be a very short and simple phone call. We'll ask you questions that you will easily know the answer for. If something arises in our conversation and we need to follow up, we'll make that plan on the phone. But for now, just plan on showing up to the phone call with your smiling face, and that's all you'll need!

The main purpose of a policy review is to simply make sure your coverage is up to date. It's NOT an interrogation. Here is the main list of questions we ask:

  • Have you purchased any new vehicles? 
  • Are there new drivers in household? 
  • Have you recently changed jobs? 
  • Have you made any improvements on your home? 
  • Have you recently purchased any high value items? 

We ask these questions to make sure you have the correct coverage. 

No, you are not required to complete an insurance review. We highly recommend you do, to insure you're properly covered. If you just don't have the time to talk, another option is to fill out the Annual Policy Review Form at the bottom of this page. This form will still get us the information we need, and you can do it on your time. 

Yes, regardless if you complete a policy review with us or not, we will review your insurance policy for better rates. Our policy review will be more accurate and we may be able to find better rates if you complete a review, but it is not mandatory. 

Schedule Your Insurance Review Phone Call

Schedule your phone review here. The call will take no more than 15 minutes. We'll call you at the time and day you select.

Complete Your Review Online

If you are not able to schedule a phone review you have the option to complete the review using the form below.

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