How An Umbrella Will Save Your Financial Life

Umbrella Insurance

Is An Umbrella Policy Worth It?

Umbrella insurance policies may be one of the most important insurance policies you could ever own.

what is an umbrella for

You may be wondering “why would someone buy an umbrella policy?”

Imagine being sued because:

  • Your teenage daughter was driving down the road, looked at a text message for 3 seconds and plowed into the back of a car with a mom and 3 young kids
  • You’re having a house party, serving alcohol and someone ends up drowning and dyeing in your pool.
  • You’re son talks bad online about his “horrible” math teacher at school. Causing significant damage to her reputation.

The list of things that you can be sued for are endless. Accidents happen all the time, how can you cover yourself?

An umbrella policy gives you that protection. An umbrella policy allows you to protect and build your future.

Umbrella policies don’t cost that much money!

YouTube video

Watch the video above to learn everything you need to learn about umbrella policies and how they can protect you. Below are a few key points to take away from the video.

  • Everyone should own an umbrella policy
  • Umbrella policies are an extension of your personal lines insurance policies
  • Umbrella policies don’t come automatically with uninsured/underinsured coverage (make sure you add this)
  • Umbrella policies are very affordable
  • Without an umbrella policy you’re leaving yourself exposed to huge lawsuits and a devastating financial burden
  • Umbrella policies help you sleep well at night!

If you’re wondering if an umbrella is right for you, reach out to us. We’ll be happy to look at your specific situation, assess your insurance needs, and then give you a detailed recommendation.


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