Short Term Rental Insurance

Your resource to finding the best insurance for your short term rental. Don't get stuck with sub-par coverage, your short term rental is an investment worth protecting.

There are 4 occupancy types that need to be addressed when it comes to insuring a property. Most insurance companies can only address one of those types on a single policy, sometimes two. 

With a short-term rental, you need a company that can address and cover ALL FOUR occupancy types:



Meaning you are living there. This is what your normal, homeowners insurance policy covers. 

Short Term

Short Term Rental

This is what most of your AirBnB and VRBO fall under. Your average home insurance policy is not equipped to offer the appropriate coverage for short-term rentals. 

Long Term


This is for your typical landlord situation. Someone who is renting your home from you for more than 30 days. It most cases, someone would get a "landlord" policy to cover this type of risk. 



There will always be times when your property sits vacant between reservations. 


K Corlene | STR Owner

I don't know what we would have done without Proper - I feel lucky to have chosen them as my insurance provider.

"I have had a really great experience as a Proper Insurance customer. Unfortunately, one of my properties had a major incident, and due to the broad coverage that Proper offers for short term rental properties, it was covered under my policy. The previous policy I had would not have covered the loss. "

Make Sure Your STR Policy Covers All These Areas | Don't Skimp On Coverage.

Don't cut corners when it comes to your investment and financial future. Make sure your insurance policy covers all these areas. Protect yourself!

Cover All 4 Occupancy Types

Building, Contents, Liablity & Income

Income Protection

High Liability Limits

Liability For Pools, Bikes, Etc

Coverage For Theft & Damage

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If you are renting your property (or even a portion of your property) for less than 30 days at a time, this is considered short-term rental. This is something not automatically covered on a normal homeowners insurance policy. You need to make sure your insurance company is aware if you are renting your property short term. 

Simply put, normal homeowners policies just aren't equipped to properly insure short-term rentals. 

Yes, so long as you have the correct coverage. Many policies wont allow you to do this. The right policy will cover the 4 occupancy types: personal, short-term, long-term and unoccupied. 

Yes, it is considered a business and therefore should be insured as a business. Using a PERSONAL home insurance policy for a business you're running, can put you in jeopardy of not having the right coverage.